How It Is, Information sources

How It Is, Information sources

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List of news sites below, post more in the comments if you have them!
here's the link to the list's I was talking about just scroll down

2:43 political geography
6:45 BBC News app (There is also a Tune-In Radio version I forgot to mention with playback)
10:15 AP mobile app
12:03 NHK World and NHK Radio Japan
15:06 Talk of the Nation
15:30 WBUR-FM: Here & Now Podcast
16:00 NPR: Foreign Dispatch Podcast
17:49 60 minutes
20:11 PBS Newshour
(past episodes)
(stream plays news hour and plays live among other airing shows)
25:26 NHK Newshour podcast
28:33 DW (Deutsche Welle)
29:25 Inside Europe
29:57 European Journal: The Magazine from Brussels
30:15 Fareed Zakaria GPS and
33:23 Ted Talks
Reggie Watts disorients you in the most entertaining way -
TED youtube -
TEDx youtube -
TED-Ed youtube -
General link to TED youtube channels -
37:50 Al Jazeera app and others
38:44 The Stream
46:28 Evening prime time News: NBC, CBS, and ABC
49:10 Cable News Networks: MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News (links latter)
52:57 Streaming sites and US copyright law
57:07 -
1:00:31 livenewschat
al jazeera -
sky news -
france 24 -
cnn/msnbc in international
fox news in special events?
the cnn/msnbc and fox links seem to switch a lot and you might have to search around for them, the fox stream seems to be the least reliable
1:03:02 propaganda talk
1:07:18 RT news
mention al jazeera talking about it here
Al Jazeera talking smack about Russian News:
Putin's media shake up - the stream
1:13:11 VOA News
1:19:10 RCI: The Link (more important)
1:21:58 North Korea's Propaganda TV show -
1:23:51 VICE -
VICE News -
VICE home website/magazine - (might need to take of the "en_us" or do a google search if based in another country)
winston's housing speculation and a what's happening with china
china how it is apartments:
and this video
copy cat paris
(1:35:30 rt mentions?)
1:37:28 News in slow Spanish/French/Latin Spanish/Italian
1:41:40 UN
1:41:58 Crash Course


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